The Bride’s Farewell

TEEN ROS7795711

Author – Meg Rosoff

Age – 14+

Pell Ridley doesn’t want to be married. She has seen her own mother become a creature of burden and misery after so many children and a life of work. On the morning of her wedding, Pell sneaks away into the night. Her mute half-brother (Bean) leaves with her on her beloved horse, Jack.

On the hunt for work they end up at a horse fair. Pell is a horse expert and she helps a man buy the best horses in return for payment of five pounds – but in the process she loses Bean, her horse and the money.

This is just the first of her trials and she endeavours to overcome them.

The Bride’s Farewell is set in early 19th century England. Pell is a strong character even when all seems hopeless. She’s strong minded and loyal to the ones she loves. The cover doesn’t do this story justice.

(Family, Conflict, Courage, Historical, Poverty, Growing Up, Horse, Running away, 19th Century)


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