The Chosen One


Author – Carol Lynch Williams

Age – 13+

Kyra is thirteen and lives in an isolated community. Her father has three wives and she has twenty brothers and sisters. She never questions this until one night when they receive a special visit from Prophet Childs – their leader.
He tells Kyra and her family that he has received a message from God. She is to marry Brother Hyrum. They are all shocked. He not only has 6 wives already, he is sixty years old and her father’s brother.
Kyra rebels, flatly refusing such a marriage. In secret she loves Joshua; a boy in their community. Against the rules, she meets him late at night – talking and holding hands. But how can they be together?

But will they ever be together?

This was a great story, full of tension as the story developed. If you like this story, you’ll like another story called ‘The Henna Girl.’


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