TEEN ORW11615186

Author – Joanna Orwin

Age – 14+

A story of Post Apocalypse told in the way of Maori story and legend. The people took too much from the Earth – the gods of the earth were unhappy and rose up (earthquakes). The warrior mountain gods began to fight amongst themselves (volcanic eruptions) until the water god dowsed their spewing fires and lavas with giant tsunamis.

Taka and his cousin Kai are inseparable, but Kai questions the people’s beliefs and Taka is uncomfortable with this. When they are chosen to be travellers to find a new food source for their people, all their beliefs are tested.

This is their story as they travel across the oceans to find another settlement. A story of dance, belief and love.

This book was a Finalist in the 2012 NZ Post Children’s Book Awards.

(Historical, Maori, Legend, Gods, NZ Fiction, Dance, Beliefs, Award, Post Apocalypse, Family, Sea Voyage, Tradition)


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