Saving Sophia

ER HIT20798217

Author – Fleur Hitchcock

Age – 9+

Lottie isn’t into clothes or makeup. But when she meets the slim, dark, glamourous Sophia in her kitchen one day, Lottie instantly wants to be her friend.
Her teacher has introduced Sophia to Lottie as she is new to their school and about to go on the school holiday camp with them. Could Lottie look out for Sophia?
But at camp when Sophia plans to run away to try and find her missing mother, Lottie is drawn into her escape – wanting to help Sophia get her mum back.

Sophia says she only has a short window of time to see her mum while she is in the country, and suddenly they are on an adventure – but all is not as it seems…

Lots of action and a tale about loving the family you have.

(Action, Adventure, Courage, Conflict, Crime, Mystery, Friendship)


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