TEEN JOH16120429

Author – Catherine Johnson

Age – 10+

Ezra is upset when he learns his best friend and confidant, Anna is being shipped off to Holland. He suspects it is because he isn’t suitable to be seeing her as he is a mulatto. He is a well spoken young man, raised as a gentleman but not paid for his training. Suddenly he believes he needs the money so he can travel to see Anna.

He soon meets Loveday Finch who is upset about the sudden death of her father. She says she will be glad to pay anyone who can find his body, find out what killed him and why. Ezra decides he will find out in order to get the money he needs to visit Anna.

But he is drawn into evil plans for murder and they are both put in danger as they find out who killed Loveday’s father and then someone Ezra loves…

Action packed, with language better suited for higher level 11-12 yr olds or teens.

Great historical read – but if you’re a little squeamish, this is gruesome in places.

(Historical, Body Snatchers, Autopsy, Corpses, Cadaver, Action, Mystery, Murder, Crime, Friendship)


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