Searching for Sky


Author – Jillian Cantor

Age – 12+

Sky and River are happy living on Island. They fish in Ocean, wash in Falls, love Rocks and Beach, even if they are hungry sometimes. Sky doesn’t remember anything before Island. She doesn’t remember arriving there in a storm when she was two, or any of the other people who didn’t survive the sinking of their boat. But Helmut and her mother have shown them how to live on the island with their traps and fishing spears.
They have been on their own for a year after their parents died and one day River sees a boat….
Life changes dramatically for them both and they are pulled apart – but never tearing their unbreakable bond. I loved reading about the total confusion from Sky’s point of view, where she doesn’t even know what a door is, or what steps are called.
Great read but dumb cover.

(Betrayal, Wild boy, Wild girl, Love, Island)


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