Shot, Boom, Score

ER BROShot, Boom, Score!

Author – Justin Brown

Age – 8+

‘Right, now, my boy.’ When Toby’s dad says these words, Toby knows he’s in trouble. But this time is different. Sure he just double bounced his big sister off the trampoline, and she has a broken arm to show for it – but Dad thinks Toby just needs something to focus on. Something to aim for.
Toby can’t believe his ears when Dad promises Toby a GameBox V3 if he can score 20 wickets and 10 tries in the following cricket and rugby seasons. Too easy!

Toby lives and breathes sports, can bowl top spinners with his eyes shut and score tries all day long. But then a new kid joins their class. (Someone as big as an adult with hairy caveman legs). Someone called Malcolm McGarvy….

Fantastic for all sport lovers!

(NZ Fiction, Sport, Rugby, Cricket, Challenge, School, Humour)


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