Singing Home the Whale

TEEN HAGSinging Home the Whale

Author – Mandy Hager

Age – 13+

Told in two viewpoints:
1 – a young orca whale whose mother is killed by a harpoon (1st person)
2 – Will – who is plagued by headaches, nerves, nausea etc after a terrible beating by 3 others one night when he was walking home drunk. He made the mistake of trying to perform soon after – in the next round of a talent competition and failing badly….

This is a complex story with beautifully drawn chapter pages throughout. Will is hiding in his uncle’s small fishing village – shamed by cyber bullying on You Tube etc. The only thing that helps him escape that shame is when he sings. One day when he is singing (Opera) on his own to the sea, something sings back. It is a baby Orca.

Suddenly Will has something else to focus on, something else to fight for. But who is saving who?

This story will make you cheer, make you angry and make you cry.

Another fantastic teen novel from Mandy Hager.

(NZ Fiction, Whale, Action, Family, Bullying, Betrayal, Friendship, Family, Courage, Conflict, Belief in what’s right, Opera, Singing)


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