Slide the Corner

TEEN BEA8269529

Author – Fleur Beale

Age – 13+

Greg is in Year 11 at school and has failed his NCEA level 1 exams. His father is angry and his Mum determined that he achieves at least Level 1 – so promises to help him study every day when he repeats the year.

Greg can think of nothing worse. Unlike his high achieving parents and siblings,Greg struggles academically and his father has always called him ‘Thick as Crude Oil.’

Greg is interested in cars but his dad tells him he is foolish and wasting his time. After an argument with his parents about studying and a threat of no food followed through by a padlock on the fridge – Greg decides to look for a job.

This is where he comes into his own and he begins to have some control over his life.

This is a great story about believing in what you’re good at, sticking at something and achieving your goals – not someone elses. Full of car lore and rallying in this purely kiwi story. A NZ classic and winner of the Gaelyn Gordon Award for a much loved book in 2007.

(NZ Fiction, Rallying, Cars, Action, Family, Belief in yourself, Determination, Award)


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