Song for a Scarlet Runner

ER HUN17340764

Author – Julie Hunt

Age – 9+

9 yr old Peat lives with her older sister Marlie at the Overhang, (a cave like existence) after being banished from the town of Skerrick by Marlie’s father. When Peat was born with odd coloured eyes and red hair, their father threw out his wife, daughter and 1 day old Peat, claiming she couldn’t be his. Their mother has since passed away and her sister brings supplies from the town and collects the cheeses that Peat & Marlie make from the cows they look after.
One day a stranger arrives and they point him in the direction of Skerrick, and this is where Peat’s life becomes even tougher.

Although I enjoyed the heroine in this story (Peat) who is strong, feisty and brave, it was a strange tale about storytelling, swamps, and a squirrel-like creature called a Scarlet Runner. A tale of fantasy, friendship and family. Wonderfully written and imaginative, but a little strange. Read it to discover what you make of it…..

(Fantasy, Swamp, Courage, Family, Journey, Story telling, Magic, Fear, Suspicion, Hate)


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