Spark (1)

Spark (Spark, #1)

Author – Rachael Craw

Age – 14+

I enjoyed this novel immensely. I could feel the main character’s (Evie) frustration, fear and tension as she tries to figure out what is happening to her in the beginning and during the rekindling of her crush on Jamie – painful though it was for her.
Her world is tipped upside down as she learns she is to be a shield for someone – responsible for saving their life. When they discover that person is her best friend, the pressure intensifies even further.
But with training, they hope she will be ready. But where will the threat come from? Can she really do this?
The tension notches up steadily throughout the novel until a shocking conclusion when we learn of a family secret and that a choice must be made.
Great Kiwi Fiction! World Class.

(Fear, Thriller, Action, Conflict, Courage, Family, Love, Growing up, Secret)


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