Wild Born – Spirit Animals (1)

ER SPI17244430

Auntor – Brandon Mull

Age – 7+

This story is set in the dystopian world of Erdas, where on your 11th birthday, there is a special ceremony. This ceremony is to find out whether you have a spirit animal and what that animal will be. There are four children from different parts of Erdas, all turning 11 and nervous about what will (or will not) happen.
Each of the four receive an animal – but they are special animals – The Great Fallen Beasts. These beasts mean there is grave danger in the near future.
These four beasts fell in a great war after evil was defeated. They are back because the evil is rising once more.

This is the 1st in a hugely popular series! (Not sure why I didn’t feel the buzz)
There is also a computer game attached – which spirit animal will you get?

(Animals, Action, Dystopian, Future, Friendship, Courage, Fantasy)


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