Author – Margaret Beames

Age – 6+

Jack has always wanted a dog and when he overhears his parents whispering about his upcoming birthday, he knows this year it’s finally going to happen. Or so he thinks. What is waiting for him in the cardboard box on the back lawn is not a puppy, but a rabbit.
He is disappointed, until the rabbit speaks to him. At first Jack is shocked but it soon sinks in and they decide on a name together. The rabbit is to be called Henry.

But Jack isn’t the only one who hears Henry talk. The girl next door is listening on the other side of the fence and she rushes to tell her family. No one but her older brother believes her – who sees an opportunity to make some money.
When Henry disappears from his hutch, Jack, his best friend Nick and the little girl who started it all end up in a dangerous adventure to get him back home and safe.

A junior novel from the author of forty books for children, including ‘Oliver’, ‘The Shearwater Bell’ and ‘Duster’. ‘Rabbit’ is another story young readers will enjoy, which deals with friendships and family, and explores the topic of animal testing.

(Pets, Talking animal, Rabbit, Animal Testing, Action, Animal, Betrayal, Conflict, NZ Author)


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