Author – David Walliams

Age – 7+

Lovers of Roald Dahl will LOVE David Walliams!
When Zoe finds her pet hamster has died she is devastated. With a stepmother who ignores her and a dad who practically lives at the pub, Zoe is lonely and soon befriends a baby rat she finds in her dirty flat. Scared her stepmother will kill it if she leaves the rat at home, Zoe takes it to school. This just causes more trouble and Zoe isn’t sure what to do.
But when she recognises the pest destruction man at their flat, she’s confused. Isn’t he the man who sells burgers outside her school. Does he have two jobs? Or does he…. no, surely not!

A funny, family, warm fuzzy at the end kind of story.

(Pets, Rats, Grief, School, Blended Family, Stepmother, Humour, Courage, Conflict, Bullying, Action, Rats, Animals)


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