The Peppers and the International Magic Guys

13027651Author – Sian Pattenden

Age – 7+

11 yr old twins, Esme and Monty are left in the care of their Uncle Potty when their parents go on holiday. Uncle Potty is a magician with an important show looming. The organisation he belongs to (The IMG-International Magic Guys) is under scrutiny by the Pan Continental Magic Corporation who fund the IMG. If they can prove they are good enough, the IMG can continue. If not, they will be closed down with all the magician’s livelihood’s at stake. The closer the show comes, the more nervous Uncle Monty gets, resulting in his tricks getting worse and worse.

With great characters such as the practical Esme and the blithering Uncle Pott, this is a fun read. What makes it even better is the magic trick between each chapter along with a letter of advice to the budding magician about performing magic.

(Magic, Family, Twins, Humour, Magic Tricks, Magician)


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