My Second Life

TEEN BIR20958008

Author – Faye Bird

Age – 13+

Ana used to be Emma. She’s always known that. Ana’s mum is called Rachel and no matter how long Rachel asks her to call her mum, Ana just can’t do that. Because she remembers her first mum – when she was Emma. As Ana grows she tells Rachel her name is Emma, but Rachel won’t believe her.

She has spent her whole life (as Ana) missing her mum and dad, but she has learnt to deal with it. She has never told anyone any of this, least of all Rachel, who Ana knows would be hurt. Ana loves Rachel but has never seen her as ‘Mum’.

One day when Ana and Rachel go to visit Grinnie (Rachel’s mum) in hospital, an old lady is wheeled past them in the corridor. Ana instantly recognises her as Frances Wells. But who is she? Why does she recognise her?

She soon discovers that Frances lives not far from her, which brings up even more memories – something terrible happened near Frances’ house. Something to do with the river.

This is an excellent read. The tension builds throughout the novel and I didn’t want to put it down.

(Reincarnation, First love, Family, Secret, Mystery, Conflict, Betrayal, Blended Family, Grief)


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