Nest of Lies


Author – Heather McQuillan

Age – 11+

A mix of fairy tale and fantasy – A story of post apocalypse NZ where people are terrified of birds, books and scientists.

Ashlee is fourteen and lives in her father’s house with her stepmother and two step sisters. As her father is high up in the hierarchy, he is away most of the time, leaving Ashlee to be treated like a slave in her own home.

When she first sees a bird in her back yard, she is shocked and frightened, and no one believes her. Everyone knows it was the birds that brought the plague all those years ago – nearly wiping out their whole existence.

She continues to watch the brazen bird and soon becomes intrigued. She ventures closer and finds a nest. Unsure what to do, her mind is made up when she receives a note from another bird…..

(NZ Author, Dystopian, Family, Mystery, Conflict, Courage)


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