Never Ending

Never Ending by Martyn BedfordAuthor – Martyn Bedford

Age – 13+

Shiv (Siobhan) has been taken to the Korsokoff Clinic – one of only 6 patients dealing with the loss of someone close in their lives. Shiv’s parents are grieving and she is blaming herself for the death of her brother Declan. Shiv and Declan were very close, friends as well as siblings. But when they are on a family holiday in sun-drenched Greece, Shiv meets Nikos. He is gorgeous and friendly on a snorkling tour they have taken for the day. She lets him believe she is older than her 15 yrs and things begin to spiral away from the relaxed family holiday planned for them all – changing all their lives forever.

This story is Shiv dealing with the loss of Declan and her part in it. The story is told in chapters between then – Greece, and now – Korsokoff clinic. Happiness and sunshine/Grief and Depression.

She meets others in the clinic, dealing with their own guilt and loss, and their path of healing helps her own. The reader doesn’t learn what actually happens to Declan until near the end of the novel, pulling the reader into the story. By the author of the fantastic novel FLIP, Never ending is well written, with credible characters and motivations.

(Growing up, Greece, Grief, Loss, Siblings, Family, Guilt, Holiday, Depression)


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