Night Vision


Author – Ella West

Age – 12+

Viola has XP – a one in a thousand condition where she is allergic to UV light. She spends her waking life at night, doing her correspondence lessons and walking through the pine forest at the edge of her parents sheep farm. She has a pair of night vision goggles which help her navigate her way around. One night out in the forest she sees a crime and watches as a bag is buried. She digs it up and reburies it to take later and that’s when things get interesting.

The man who committed the crime wants his bag back. And Viola knows what he is capable of. As he gets closer and closer, she hides her fears from her parents and the police. She needs the contents of the bag to save her parent’s farm. One night when she believes the man has left the area, she ventures back out into the dark….

(NZ Author, Te Anau, Crime, Tension, Thriller, Courage, Family, Murder)


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