Nine Open Arms

TEEN LIN20558871

Author – Benny Lindelauf

Age – 12+

A family moves (again), this time to a strange brick house on the other side of town. It seems to face the wrong way, with the front door at the back of the house and no porch step – making the step inside very high. There are three sisters (Fing, Muulke, & Jess, and three brothers, Krit, Piet, and Sjerr). They live with their Dad and Oma Mei (their mum’s mum).

Their dad shifts from job to job and this time he wants to make cigars. The girls older brothers are also to help with the business but they are waiting for the paperwork and they become poorer and poorer as they wait for the permit to arrive.

Oma Mei is the boss of the household and she is cross at her son in law’s lack of business sense, but she deals with the day to day trials.

As this story unravels it reveals many connections between the past and the present between generations.

Something different from a story translated from Dutch for many countries around the world. A story of family loyalty, local history and the connections within them.

Award – Winner, Gouden Zoen (Golden Kiss), Holland, 2005

(Family, Mystery, Historical, Award, Loyalty, Siblings, Sisters)


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