No Stars to Wish On

ER FRANo Stars to Wish on by Zana Fraillon

Author – Zana Fraillon

Age – 10+

Told in the viewpoint of a young boy, this is a sad but also uplifting story of a family torn apart. Poor, but happy, he lives with his mum and twin sister, cousins and great aunts. Then one day he is taken along with Baby Sal, to a place ruled by nuns and angry voices. His clothes are taken and he is given another boy’s clothes – He was called No.49.

Waiting for the nuns to realise their mistake, he is there for years but finds a way to overcome his fate. He believes if he tells his jokes, he will make the other children laugh, breaking the sadness of the place and hopefully – eventually, the nuns angry faces. But why are some kids given medicine and others none? And why is the old No. 49’s shoe in the compost?

Between 1920 and 1970 in Australia, children in poverty were torn from their families and put into government care, ‘for their own good.’ They were called the forgotten children.

(Family, Historical, Friendship, History, Australia, Vaccine, True, Experiment, Orphanage)


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