ER FAL12044078

Author – Brian Falkner

Age – 7+

Celia Undergarment is ten yrs old. Her dad owns a balloon factory and her house is made of giant balloons. Her room is on the top – a huge clear balloon.

Celia can understand animals and when the neighbour’s Samoyd ‘Rocky’ tells her he’s not being fed since his mistress (Mrs Proctor) left, Celia decides to rescue him. With her nanny’s help she uses balloons to lift Rocky out of his back yard.

Mr Proctor is very cross, and jumps into a bulldozer and crashes into their balloon house. Celia’s clear balloon room dislodges, floats away and lands in Northwood – a deep dark forest where people are said to enter and never return….

Celia’s bravery is tested at every turn. This is a wonderful story complimented by Donovan Bixley’s excellent illustrations. Two Kiwi authors working together to weave magic!

(Fantasy, Animals, Secret, Magic, Action, Courage, Dog, Forest, Fear)


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