Number the Stars

ER LOW47281

Author – Louis Lowry

Age – 8+

10 yr old Annemarie’s city of Copenhagen has had armed German soldiers standing on street corners for three years. Her little sister Kristi (5) acts like it is normal as it is all she’s ever known. Electricity is rationed, food is getting scarcer by the day and they become really worried when they find the local shop closed with a swastika on the door.
When the rabbi at the local synagogue warn his congregation that the Germans have taken a list of their names, Annemarie’s best friend’s parents escape in the night with Peter (a member of the resistance).

This story is set in Denmark and is another tale of courage to save Jews from the Nazis. They use a concoction that prevents the german soldier’s dogs from sniffing out the people hiding in boats etc. This method was used to deliver 7000 Jews (in boats) to safety.

Winner of the Newbury Medal 1990

(War, WWII, Nazi’s, Denmark, Courage, Action, Conflict, Historical, Secret, Resistance, Award)


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