TEEN MAR14342149

Author – Denis Martin

Age – 13+

Cully has just moved to Cooksville – an imaginary town set in the Coromandel Peninsula. His mum is in Germany touring with her orchestra and he’s waiting for his dad to arrive back from Auckland after a meeting with his writing agent. While Cully waits at the ferry terminal, he spies a girl. She’s alone, hunched up and staring at her feet – and he can’t take his eyes off her. He becomes even more intrigued when a man marches up to her and tries to grab her arm. She shrugs him off and boards the ferry alone, leaving Cully wondering who the man is and did he really see a shoulder holster under the guy’s jacket? The type that held a gun…

A story that builds to a tension packed finale. The reader is kept guessing as to who Kat is and why she is in danger. A great read for reluctant boys with a straight forward plot and lots of action including guns, motorbikes and a girl who is a mix of vulnerability and then staunchness when faced with danger.

(Tension, Action, Thriller, Courage, Friendship, NZ Author, Bullying, Secret)


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