Mission Telemark

TEEN MIT21011527

Author – Amanda Mitchison

Age – 8+

Set in 1942, four young teens are recruited for their individual skills to perform a mission that may prove to be fatal. But this is a mission no adult will be able to conquer. Ase is small and quick and trained in explosives, Lars is an excellent outdoorsman, Frederick is adept at languages and very clever academically and Jakob is the leader of the mission.

The Germans have been working on making an atomic bomb in a factory in Norway. The four have to sabotage this factory and escape back to Sweden without help from any adults.
They suffer the bitter cold of the Hardanger mountains, injuries, hunger and fear, but will they complete their mission?
These characters are all fictional but the events this story was based on are true.

(Spies, War, Action, Conflict, Courage, Historical, Friendship)


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