ER ERS12389681

Author – Kathryn Erskine

Age – 10+

Caitlin struggles with every day social situations and prefers her dictionary, TV or computer as friends, than actual people. Her Aspergers makes her see the world in black and white, with confusing results. When a person asks’ ‘What do you think they are thinking?’ She wonders how she is supposed to get in the other person’s head. Or ‘Try walking in their shoes,’ she wonders why she should wear their shoes.

When she loses her big brother Devon in a tragic way, she has to navigate these situations without him. He has always been her guide and rock when she was confused.
Dad is no help, sitting staring into space or crying in the shower. Luckily Caitlin has Miss Brook at school – her counsellor who helps with how she should act with people, right down to what a happy face looks like and what a sad face looks like.

This is a sad but a beautifully written story.

(Aspergers, Siblings, Grief)



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