Monkey Boy

22366686Author – Donovan Bixley

Age – 8+

Set in 1804 aboard the ship HMS Fury which is full of swearing, gross, nose picking, farting sailors. Jimmy is keen to sail the ocean like his Pa, but is quickly taken below decks to be a monkey boy.

But what is that? After a meal of weevil filled biscuits that are like rocks and a grey plate of porridge slop, he is put in a room with 4 other teens who swear at him and spit on him – great green phlemy blobs.

Jimmy is pleased to have left his hometown of Puddleditch and his 12 older brothers. As the youngest he has been hardened to bullying and shakes off the treatment by the teen sailors. But the thing he fears most back in Puddleditch seems to have followed him.

Jimmy can see dead people. When he first told his mum, she didn’t believe him. But aboard the ship, he can’t escape the ghosts he sees.

Great story and choc full of fantastic illustrations by the amazing Donovan Bixley.

(NZ Author, Sailors, Ghost, Family, Humour, Napolean, New Zealand, Kiwi, LIANZA Award winner)


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