Mort – the 10,000-year-old-boy

ER CHA14694635

Author – Martin Chatterton

Age – 8+

Mort is building a new machine in his secret laboratory. But his sister knows about it and has for ages. She is usually happy ignoring her little brother and looking after her cloned writers. She has a collection all of her own – Shakespeare, HG Wells, Chaucer, Agatha Christie, Dr Seuss, and Beatrix Potter. They are her ‘pets’. But she is concerned that H G Wells is missing.

But H G Wells is helping Mort, Openheimer and Leonardo DaVinci build a machine. And they are keen to try it out. There is an eclipse in a few hours – the perfect time to use it….

But Mort is facing another bigger problem. Someone is coming from the education department to see why he hasn’t attended school.

(Humour, Family, Fantasy, Series, Secret)


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