Mutant City

Mutant City (Mutant City, #1)

Author – Steven Feasey

Age – 13+

After a terrible war and nearly total destruction, the world is now made up of Mutes (Mutants) and Norms (Normal humans). The Norms descendants hid below ground during the war and were surprised that anyone survived above. They are shocked to find mutated humans when they finally emerge. But now many years later, the humans have built 6 cities with high walls around them, with no mutants allowed to enter, left to live in slums of squalor. Five children have been illegally ‘engineered’ (part human, part mutant) by the tyrant President Melk but are rescued from a life in labs. Raised in hiding, they are summoned 13 years later by the people that saved them. They all have special ‘gifts and President Melk wants them back to continue the evil he made them for.

But can they use their powers for good instead? Will they be the hope of a new and better future for Mutants?

(Dystopian, Future, Friendship, Courage, Good versus Evil, Loyalty, Special Powers)


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