My Brilliant Life and other Disasters

ER WIL18169266

Author – Catherine Wilkins

Age – 9+

This is the 2nd in this series. (The first title is My Best Friend and Other Enemies)

Jessica is happy that her and Natalie are mates again – even if she does have to be nice to Amelia. But Jess is thinking about other stuff now anyway. The new secret comic she has produced with Joshua, Lewis and Tanya. Tanya is the school thug and demanded to be on the comic committee because the title (Hellfern Juniors) instead of Hillfern was her idea.
A wildlife project is announced and Jess is pleasantly surprised when Natalie chooses her over Amelia. But Natalie is very serious about doing well and Jess is too busy thinking about the magazine and new cartoon ideas.

This causes a lot of strife and Jess is soon to learn a lesson about friendship.

Funny, sarcastic Jess is a bit of a pain, but wakes up to herself near the end of the story. The family antics are funny (they are tightening their belts) especially Ryan’s attempts to get KitKats back on the grocery list.

(Friendship, School, Ego, Family, Lies)


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