My Brother’s War


Author – David Hill

Age – 10+

This is the story of two New Zealand teenagers in 1914. They might be brothers but they think very differently. Edmund is the oldest and when war breaks out in Europe, he’s keen to fight for his country and is eagerly swept up in the excitement to enlist. But his younger brother sees things another way – completely against war and refusing to join up. He is a CO. A conscientious objector.
Their separate stories are told, interspersed by letters home to their mother and sister. (William’s are only in his thoughts as he is imprisoned).

The recommended age group is 9-12 yrs but older readers will also find this book a great read. The reader is taken into horrific life in the trenches – mud, lice, hunger and fear as the ground shakes and the air shrieks with explosion after explosion.

The author of award winning ‘See Ya Simon’ got me again, pulled me in and didn’t let me go until the last page.

My Brother’s War won the Junior Fiction section of the 2013 NZ Post Children’s Book Awards.

(NZ Author, Award, WWI, Trenches, War, Siblings, Brothers, Family, Action)


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