My dog doesn’t like me

22698253Author – Elizabeth Fensham

Age – 7+

Eric is packing. He is running away because nobody believes him. He told his family his own dog doesn’t like him, so he’s leaving. But time in the park alone, with strangers coming and going and dark falling, Eric decides to go home.

After a ‘family chat’ and being sent to his room for being rude to his older sister, Eric decides to write down his ‘sad and angry’ story.

Eric got a new dog (Ugly) for his 8th birthday and he can’t figure out why Ugly hangs out with and listens more to Mum (and everyone else in the family) than him.

He tries all sorts of things to get Ugly to be ‘his’ dog, like he is supposed to be, but with varying degrees of success.

His mates help him research the problem, but still it doesn’t help. Ugly is growing and proving to be a problem in their full, busy household. Is it better for Ugly to live somewhere else?

A funny story for new puppy owners or any animal lover. Responsibility is a key theme.

(Pet, Dog, puppy training, Responsibility, Running away)


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