Killing Sound


Author – Paul Southern

Age – 12+

When Jodie was 5 she was in the basement of her house with her parents after waking up feeling strange. What she saw that night in her basement gave her nightmares through her childhood. The police found the entrails of two people splashed over the walls of the basement, their heads rolling on the floor. Jodie never spoke of what happened. Now nearly 18 and living with her aunt Gene, she hears something on the roof one night. When her and her friend find panels in the back of her wardrobe – they investigate.

There are loose roof tiles and piles of strange boxes and weird wires and machinery.They are her father’s investigations into the paranormal. But unwittingly, something is released from the attic. When a builder comes later to repair the roof, he says something has broken OUTof the attic, not broken IN from the outside.

(Creepy, Paranormal, Seance, Friendship, Horror, Secret, Sound waves)


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