If you find me


Author – Emily Murdoch

Age – 14+

Carey spends her days searching for and cooking food for her and her 6 year old sister Jenessa. That food might be bird or rabbit or anything else she can catch, then cooked over a fire as the tiny camper they live in is hidden deep in a forest, without electricity and running water. Their mum disappears for weeks on end chasing her meth habit, leaving them to fend for themselves. It’s so cold in the winter, they wear two sets of clothes and sleep in a small camping cot together.

One day a man and woman appear from the bush. Who are they? Should they hide like they’ve been taught?

Carey and Jenessa soon learn their lives have been full of lies and are about to change forever.

The characters and setting are convincing, and the plot steadily paced giving a fantastic read.

(Neglect, Family, Love, Perseverance, Fitting in, Survival)


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