In the Shadow of the Lamp

8715078Author – Susanne Dunlap

Age – 13+

In 1854, there aren’t a lot of respectable opportunities for young girls in London, so when 17 yr old parlour maid Molly loses her job she can’t face her family. She soon learns a Miss Nightingale is looking for nurses to join her in the Crimea to tend to the soldiers, and Molly decides to go. Molly has always had a gift – healing hands, and knows that nursing is for her, even if she is too young for Miss Nightingale’s contingent.

Miss Nightingale is very strict – no drinking, flirting or even looking at a patient the wrong way. Molly slowly gets used to the life as a war-time nurse but a certain young doctor who catches her eye makes life confusing – but exciting. But what of Will, the boy at home who lent her money and is always on her mind?

(Historical, Florence Nightingale, Nursing, Friends, Love, Relationships, Guilt, Loyalty)


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