Kill all Enemies

TEEN BUR11200479

Author – Melvin Burgess

Age – 14+

This story isn’t as violent as the title suggests. Kill all enemies refers to a computer game.

This title sounds more violent than it is… It actually refers to a game.

A story about three teenagers – Billie – An angry fourteen year old girl, always getting in fights to release that anger. Estranged from her family, she’s in foster care.

Chris – A fifteen year old boy who hates school, and refuses to do any homework, no matter how his parents plead, bribe, or threaten him.

Rob – A tall, overweight boy who is bullied constantly by his classmates, his stepfather and anyone else who decides he’s a target.

But… there is another story behind each of these teens.

This story by Carnegie Medal Winner – Melvin Burgess, is a powerful one. He takes the reader right inside the thoughts and feelings of these teens, drawing you into their lives. I read this book in one sitting. Loved it.

(Foster care, Anger, Family, Belonging, Growing up, Friendship, Fitting in)


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