Knightley & Son

Knightley and Son (Knightley and Son, #1)

Author – Rohan Gavin

Age – 9+

Darkus (not to be confused with Dorkus) is the son of a detective who four years before, fell into a strange sleep. He has been in a hospital ever since. While he was asleep, Darkus has read all his files and knows nearly as much about his father’s cases as he did himself.
One day a strange Scotsman calling himself Uncle Bill arrives and tells them his Dad has woken but disappeared from the hospital.

Darkus discovers his Dad sneaking into the house that night and then the trio begin working on something…. But suddenly Dad falls asleep again. What is going on? And what is making people commit crimes after they read a certain book?

Fans of Sherlock Holmes will love this.

(Detective, Mystery, Action, Adventure, Family, Father Son Relationship)


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