Level 2

TEEN APP10861195

Author – Lenore Appelhans

Age – 12+

Level 2 is a stark, sterile place. An afterlife that is nothing like what we are told. It is where 17 yr old Felicia finds herself after a car accident. With no pain, no hair, no sense of touch or anything familiar, the only thing to do is climb into her pod and download her memories ā€“ watching them over and over like re-runs. Until a boy appears from nowhere. A boy from her past. He says he can help her escape ā€“ but to what? Felicia is torn between her past love and memories of her boyfriend Neil, and her feelings for Justin, the boy who has come to save her.

A complex novel, driven by memories and the truth of the network that rules the afterlife and what is beyond.

(Life after Death, Memory, Love)


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