The Binding


Author – Jenny Alexander

Age – 8+

When Jack’s neighbour Jean offers his family her cottage on Morna Island for the summer, they are keen for adventures, fun and freedom. But only days after they arrive, Jack, Tressa and Milo have met another group of children – Duncan, Hamish and Elspeth. Jack and his siblings have found a hut down on the beach, filled with stubby candles, a circle of chairs and a driftwood table. What happens there?
Duncan says they can join The Binding if they dare and Jack and his siblings are intrigued.
They soon learn that it is a sort of club with strict rules. They are not to tell anyone else about The Binding or anything connected with it, and if they do, any of the others can report them. Everything is very serious (with Duncan controlling everything).

Duncan is called the Lawmaker, Hamish – The Deputy, and Elspeth – The teller. She writes down everything that happens at the meetings.

Jack is given the name – The Joker (because of his endless corny jokes), Tressa – The teacher (because she is knowledgable), and Milo – The Page (has to open doors for Duncan and hold his large stick when required).

They think it’s all quite harmless until Jack is caught and reported….

(Control, Making friends, Holiday, Blended Family, Secret, Friendship, Jokes)


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