13 Hours


Author – Narinder Dhami

Age – 10 +

Anni’s life is hard. She spends all her time trying to stay under the radar – at school, at the shops, at the library and on her way home to her house-bound, agoraphobic, crippled, Mum. If anyone found out about her and her mum’s terrible situation, they might try to put Anni in foster care.
She does everything for her mum, and they are very close. But when a group of people break into their house, Anni is terrified. How can she protect them both?
But things are not what they seem, and while hiding from the burglars, Anni discovers a whole box of truths about her mum’s past.

This was a fast-paced book with a likeable main character and an unexpected ending.

There is a section at the back of the book with advice about Agoraphobia and what to do if you are a Young Carer (someone under 18 looking after a family member)

(Truth, Lies, Secret, Protest, Family, Grief, Kidnapped, Courage, Agoraphobia)


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