ER LLO8693226

Author – Rebecca Lloyd

Age – 8+

Danny Broadaxe looks after his disabled dad. He has to clean the house, make the dinner and remind his dad to take his pills and do his walking exercises. And although Danny gets a bit tired sometimes, he just gets on with things. After losing his mum in the same accident that injured his dad, Danny grew up fast and is a responsible kid, but he’d really like to go on a holiday.

When his neighbour John Seeping asks Danny to look after his tropical fish, his Dad isn’t happy at first. Danny’s not sure why, but convinces his Dad to let him do it as part of a community project he is doing at school.

Danny is mesmerised by the many huge fish tanks filled with tropical fish. But then he hears a strange noise upstairs…..

This story was gentle and easy to read. The main character is believable – even if a little old fashioned.

(Mermaid, Fish, Disabled, Neighbour,)


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