Highway Robbery

4917832Author – Kate Thompson

Age – 7+

A young homeless boy is looking for a place to beg on the streets on the edge of a city. Suddenly a man thunders towards him on a huge black horse. He leaps from his steed and asks the boy to mind it – his payment will be a gold guinea.
The beggar boy stands for hours with the horse while men offer many shillings for it.
He is hungry and cold and very tempted, but keeps hold of the horse in the dark.
When a group of soldiers arrive, they tell him the horse is ‘Black Bess’ – the steed of none other than the famous highwayman, Dick Turpin.
The boy is ordered to stay with the horse as bait, but when they learn Dick Turpin has been captured elsewhere they try to take the horse themselves.
But the beggar has other ideas…

A wonderfully written story, told from the beggar’s point of view direct to the reader with a clever, surprising ending.
7+ boys will gobble this up.

(Humour, Historical, Beggar, Highwayman, Horse, Animal, Trust)


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