Hitler’s Daughter

Hitler's Daughter

Author – Jackie French

Age – 9+

Mark, Anna, Ben and little Tracey are waiting in the bus shelter for their school bus when they begin to play little Tracey’s favourite game. Thinking of a character and adding a story to it. Anna is the best at this and begins to tell them a story about Hitler’s daughter. Ben just wants to hear about bombs, and planes and action but Mark is much more interested than he’d first thought.

The story is only added to every morning in the bus shelter by Anna, and Mark looks forward to it. But it gets him thinking too. What would it be like to have a monster of a father like Hitler? Would you still love your own parents if they were like that? He asks many questions of adults he trusts around him, (parents, teachers, etc) and they seem uncomfortable with the concept.

When Anna finally finishes the story, there is a hint at the truth in it. Was Anna’s grandmother Hitler’s daughter – only telling the truth to Anna on her death bed? Mark will never know, but does let Anna know that he understands.

An easy read, with a thought provoking concept about what is right and wrong and would you stand up against something that was as wrong as the holocaust – but also against everyone around you putting yourself and family at risk? Awesome story.

(Historical, Hitler, Family, Parents, Holocaust, Secret)


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