Freaks Like Us


Author – Susan Vaught

Age – 14+

Jason or ‘Freak’ as everyone including his friends call him, is an alphabet. His friends Drip and Sunshine are alphabets too. Drip is ADHD. Sunshine is SM. (Severely Mute) and Freak was GAD (General anxiety Disorder) but now is SCZI (Schizophrenic), due to the voices he hears in his head. They are a tight knitn group, looking out for each other – but when Sunshine goes missing on the way home from school, Freak is launched into a journey of confusion, anger, and frustration with his parents, the police, and his inner voices clamouring to be heard. Where is Sunshine? Did he hurt her?

An amazing story, venturing into the mind of a schizophrenic, full of self doubt battling his disorder to try and find his best friend. The reader feels his confusion and along with the character, tries to decipher what really happened to Sunshine.

(Friendship, Disorder, Family, Crime, Conflict, Growing up, Investigation)


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