Friday Brown

TEEN WAKFriday Brown

Author – Vikki Wakefield

Age – 13+

Friday Brown has spent all of her 17 years travelling from town to town with her mother – free spirits and loving life. When her mum gets ill, their lives change and Friday goes to find a father she has never met. What she finds are a group of teens, a boy called Silence, and a new life.

This new life isn’t smooth by any means, with new friends and influences to wrangle. But she is soon confronted by choices between those alliances and her friend’s lives – and ultimately her own.

Just like her first novel ‘All I ever wanted’ – ‘Friday Brown’ is powerful, punchy, believable writing. The street kids were real, hurting, hiding pasts, and hoping for something better. Brilliant.

(Street kids, Friendship, Adventure, Blended Family, Betrayal, Conflict, Courage, Growing up, Choices)


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