Gangsta Granny

ER WAL12727215

Author – David Walliams

Age – 8+

Ben’s parents love ballroom dancing. Ben hates it. ‘I’d rather eat my own bogeys than watch that rubbish,’ says Ben. So he stays Friday nights at his boring granny’s house – which is just as bad, if not worse than ballroom dancing!
That’s until he finds a biscuit tin full of diamonds. Rings, tiaras and jewels fill the tin. Where did Granny get them? Did she steal them? Is that why she likes Gangsta books so much?
As Ben learns the truth about the jewels he also discovers that Granny isn’t so horrible and boring after all.

A hilarious story from the author of the hugely popular Mr Stink, Billionaire Boy, Awful Auntie, Ratburger and more. David Walliams is a wonderful storyteller and Roald Dahl fans will love his books!

Tony Ross’ illustrations are a perfect match to the story.

(Action, Dancing, Humour, Jewel Thief, Grandmother, Family, Adventure, Love, Mystery)


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