Technoslime Terror – (Geek Inc 1)

Technoslime Terror by Mark  Griffiths

Author – Mark Griffiths

Age – 8+

When a truck carrying a top secret government formula (Blue Technoslime) is involved in an accident, a young boy is involved. When he wakes up he doesn’t realise he has changed from a quiet shy boy (Lewis) no one likes, to a cool hip confident boy who amazing things are about to happen to. The blue goo makes inanimate objects come to life!.

In the meantime, Barney has just moved to town (Blue Hills) and is missing his mates. Avoiding some rowdy boys at his school he joins a lunchtime club called Geek Inc. which has one member (and founder) Gabby. She loves anything strange or odd or mysterious.

When Gabby and Barney (Geek Inc) begin to investigate strange happenings in their town, they see a paper plane come to life, then a grandfather clock is moving in a field (very slowly) and a pencil stands up and talks to Barney. What is going on? This is a case for Geek Inc!

Fun and Mystery are mixed together wonderfully in this book. The next in this series of Geek Inc adventures is The Impossible Boy. Grab them both!

(Investigation, Mystery, School, Bullying, Friendship, Series)


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