The Boy who ran away from the Circus (Fizzlebert Stump 1)

ER HAR13646467

Author – A F Harrold

Age – 7+

Fizzlebert loves being part of the circus family he was born into. But sometimes he’d like someone his own age to talk to. When he meets some kids after a show, he enjoys their awe at how he puts his head in the lion’s jaws. But afterwards, when they make fun of his name, Fizzlebert is crushed. He soon discovers a library book one of the kids have dropped as they ran away, and on a friend’s advice, decides to return it. You’d think this would be a lot safer than putting your head in a lion’s mouth – But no! Fizzlebert finds himself tricked, kidnapped and locked away.

This story was jam-packed funny. A cross between Roald Dahl, Lemony Snickett and David Walliams. Excellent.

(Humour, Circus, Kidnap, Family, Escape)


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