Earwig and the Witch

Earwig and the Witch

Author – Diana Wynne Jones

Age – 7+

St Morwald’s Home for Children is preparing for visitors – possible foster parents for the children who live there. Most children are excited, but not Earwig (Erica). Earwig has been at St Morwald’s since a tiny baby and she has everything worked out to her liking thank you very much.
But even though she pulled faces and was very rude, a couple called Bella Yaga and The Mandrake decide to take her home.
Earwig soon discovers that she is to be an extra pair of hands – doing all sorts of tasks for Bella Yaga who is in actual fact a witch!
Earwig isn’t fazed, demanding she be taught spells for her work. Will Earwig have things going her way, just like at St Morwald’s?

A simple story with illustrations showing Earwig’s plight through the story.Bound to be loved by little girls who like a strong character with a witchy flavour.

(Magic, Witch, School, Friends)


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