Escape from Shadow Island (Max Cassidy 1)

ER ADA6614639

Author – Paul Adam

Age – 9+

The cover does nothing for this exciting read!

Max is an escapologist (The Half Pint Houdini) – just like his father was before he died. But did he die, and why was his mum imprisoned for his murder? When a strange man visits him and tells him his father is alive and his mother framed, Max’s search for the truth begins. When the stranger is also murdered, Max knows he could be in danger but convinces his care giver (Consuela-his dad’s stage assistant) to take him back to Santo Domingo – the central American country where his father disappeared. When even more people around him disappear, he knows he is getting closer to the answers he’s seeking.

A non stop adventure following Max’s determined search for the truth – fuelled by the desire to free his mum from prison and find his father. Boys will gobble it up!

Be sure to get the next in the series – Jaws of Death

(Houdini, Action, Courage, Mystery, Family, Magic, Series, Adventure, Truth, Danger, Perseverance)


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